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1605: Heartik - Tender Surrender EP [1605-165]

1605: Heartik - Tender Surrender EP [1605-165]

One summer day whilst on vacation, Heartik's friends found him a perfect match! They told him a beautiful girl named Guilia will be waiting on the bench in front of a nearby store. As he arrived, there was in fact this beautiful girl sitting there and apparently waiting for him. As he approached, he asked her if her name is Guilia. She said yes, but seemed very surprised about how he knew who she was. At that point, the girl's boyfriend in the size of a wardrobe closet showed up, asking if there's any problem. Apparently Heartik was being pranked by his friends, and the meeting was just a coincidence. Luckily, Heartik got away a bit confused, but unharmed.


Artist: Heartik
Label: 1605
Cat. No.: 1605165
Format: Digital
Release date: 10.02.2014
Genre: Techno

01. Heartik - Tender Surrender (Original Mix)
02. Heartik - Tender Surrender (The Dolphins Remix)
03. Heartik - Mermaid's Call (Original Mix)

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