Messaggio 11 mag 2015, 19:43

Va#1 feat A-Lix, Denny Engler, aehem and Gians | Vinyl


★ 100 Vinyl Copies Limited Edition Featuring First-class Electronica, Deep-techno and Pop-Punk Pearls Produced by Talents A-Lix, Denny Engler, aehm, Gians!

As we're not resting on our laurels, we have added to our physical focus a great crowd-founding-idea to vinyl pressing, setting up the first 100 vinyl copies for your collection !!

On both sides quality music is featured by the French/Argentinean Pop-punk Electronica duo A-Lix with two outstanding tracks - Soul Recognition System, Never Grow - from their latest ep Soul Recognition System; in addition to German's Denny Engler remix. On the B Side Denny Engler brings a stunning piece of emotional techno as Moogland, including remixes by aehm and Gians as bonus track.

It is important to remark A-Lix European tour starting 2015 having performed in quite classy venues including La Sala Apolo in Barcelona.

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